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March 4th, 2020 | Illinois Nurse Practice Act
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CCNBNA Health Policy Update

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How to locate your state Senator or House of Representative:

We have 2 bills which need immediate grassroots attention!!

It requires nurses and the public to contact their state Senator & House of Representative ask for their “yes” vote on:

  • SB 2151 Nursing Delegation -amends the nurse practice act delegation
  • HB 2604 Safe Patient Limits limiting how many patients registered nurses can care for in hospital settings

There are 3 pdf file resources on the CCNBNA web site for you to use. | (See Downloads at top of page)

We have sent a letter (attached) to many colleges in Illinois to alert them on the issues within the Illinois Nurse Practice Act and remedy with SB 2151. Please send this letter out to your alma mater – call their Dean to inform them of the changes within the Illinois Nurse Practice Act and its impact with public safety!

The 4th item is a template of a letter in Word so the nurse/public can fashion your own letter to legislators. Personalize your own letter. Use your own words! | Download Template (DOC)

These items are in downloadable form – so users can make copies and share with others including legislators on SB 2151.

Direct others to our web site for information on the bills SB 2151 and HB 2604!

All types of communication from a constituent, including letter or email to a legislator should include:

  • Correct salutation (Dear Senator or House of Representative)
  • Identify the bill by its number you are speaking to – use the bill number and its name (SB 2151 Nursing Delegation or HB 2604 Safe Patient Limits)
  • Who you are, your title, work environment, years as a nurse, affiliation with other nurses (CCNBNA) the reason for your letter…the legislator’s support for our bill! SB 2151
  • Make your “pitch” the reason you believe this particular bill is important and the reasons WHY you wish the legislator to vote on your position on a particular bill
  • Make the “ask” in this case vote “yes” on SB 2151.
  • Thank they for their concern and time
  • Always follow up after your initial contact…you are establishing your expert nurse constituent relationship with your state elected official.
  • Provide your full name, contact information

The first week of April: SB 2151 remains in the Senate Licensed Activities Committee. We must call all the state senators on the Licensed Activities Committee:

ACTION REQUIRED ON SENATE BILL 2151: Contact ALL Senate Licensed Activities Committee to Vote “Yes” on SB 2151

Licensed Activities Committee members found below:

The Senate Licensed Activities Springfield office phone numbers provided below next to their names! Call them all, ask they vote “yes” on SB 2151, and ask them to be SB 2151 bill sponsors. Use the attachment Contact your Senators and House Representatives Bullet Talking Points | Download (PDF)

Licensed Activities – Members
101st General Assembly

  • Chairperson: Emil Jones, III (217) 782-9573 | Democrat
  • Vice-Chairperson: Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (217) 782-0052 | Democrat
  • Member: Omar Aquino (217) 782-5652 | Democrat
  • Member: Christopher Belt (217) 782-5399 | Democrat
  • Member: Rachelle Crowe (217) 782-5247 | Democrat
  • Member: Martin A. Sandoval (217) 782-5304 | Democrat
  • Minority Spokesperson: Neil Anderson (217) 782-5957 | Republican
  • Member: Dale Fowler (217) 782-5509 | Republican
  • Member: Chuck Weaver (217) 782-1942 | Republican

SB 2151: Nursing Delegation

CCNBNA continues to work with our bill sponsor Senator Michael Hastings on SB 2151. Our bill deadline was extended by Senator Hastings. SB 2151 is awaiting its hearing!

To view full text and Amendment 01 of SB 2151 link below:


HB 2604: Safe Patient Limits

Passage of HB 2604 Safe Staffing Limits March 27, 2019 out of House of Representatives Labor and Commerce Committee!

To view full text of HB 2604 and amendments link below:

HB 2604 bill passing out of the House Labor and Commerce Committee by a overwhelming margin was precedent setting! AFL-CIO nursing union leaders: Illinois Nurses Association, National Nurses United and ASFCME worked collaboratively to successfully push HB 2604 out of this Committee by their powerful lobbying efforts. CCNBNA signed on as proponents on Witness statements bringing thousands of Supporters in a majority number over opponents were cited for all legislators to see. CCNBNA is proud to be a organizational supporter and partner of Illinois nurse-led hallmark safe patient limits legislation regulating adequate numbers of registered nurses to care for patients in hospital setting. California over fifteen years ago passed the only law limiting the number of patients a nurse shall care for in the hospital setting. Illinois is NEXT!

HB 2604 Safe Patient Limits passing out of the House Labor and Commerce Committee is the second bill requiring CCNBNA nurse and public support. Please contact your state House of Representative ask for their “yes” vote on House Bill (HB) 2604.

Any questions, please call or email me.

Pam Robbins MSN, RN
CCNBNA Health Policy Committee
Cell 815-592-4265

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