It is urgent that everyone in membership call the 9 senate licensing committee member in Springfield. We have an opportunity to pass this Bill and correct dangerous language in the nurse practice Act. 

ATTENTION: To all Nurses and the public:

The Chicago Chapter National Black Nurses Association is requesting that all nurses in Illinois work together to pass SB 2151. The CCNBNA has valued legislation that could improve the Practice of Nurses and provide safety for the Public. This is an opportunity for the Chicago Chapter NBNA to make a difference in removing dangerous language from the Nurse Practice Act and allowing nonnurses to administer medication. Time is limited for contacting our Legislators to support SB 2151. Pamela Robbins MSN and Dr. Mildred Taylor DNP have another visit with Senator Michael Hastings soon regarding SB 2151. The CCNBNA Representatives need to tell Senator Hastings that nurses called the Licensing committee and their Senators. Send the Health Policy Committee of CCNBNA an email about your experience with the senators or call contact person Pamela Robbins MSN. 

We must get SB 2151 out of committee first by calling the following 9 senators listed below. The committee has 6 Democratic Senators and 3 Republican Senators. The Democrats are in the Majority so please call all of them to get SB 2151 out of Committee. Senator Emil Jones III file the bill for CCNBNA when asked by Pamela Robbins MSN, and Dr. Mildred Taylor DNP. It is urgent that you start calling ASAP all the following Senators below to VOTE YES for SB2151:

1.Senator mil Jones III – Chairperson – Democrat 217-782-9573

2. Senator Jennifer Bettino-Tarrant – Vice Chair – Democrat 217-782-0052

3. Omar Aquino – Democrat – 217-782-5652

4. Chistopher Belt – Democrat 217-782-5399 

5. Rachelle Crowe – Democrat 217-782-524

6. Martin A Sandoval – Democrat 217-782-5304

7. Neil Anderson- Minority Republican Spokesperson – 217-782-5957

8. Dale Fowler- Republican 217-782-5509

9. Chuck Weaver- Republican 217-782-1942

Thank you

Dr. Mildred Taylor DNP, RN

Pamela Robbins MSN, RN


Ellen Durant MSN, RN, CCNBNA President

Juanita Patrick MSN, RN- Health Policy- Chairperson

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